A Different Approach – Specialized Service

Quest CPAs PLLC is not your normal CPA firm. We specialize in just a few certain industries (i.e. schools, cities, counties, nonprofits, etc.) to ensure we can devote all our time and resources to fully understand these industries and how they operate. Over time, this builds a tremendous level of expertise in these areas that is similar to the expertise that a master architect or chef develops (although we are the first to admit that our work is not as beautiful or as tasty as the latters). In the accounting world, having your CPA firm specialize in your industry has many benefits. For one, as a client, you know you will be working with someone that will understand your organization’s finances. Secondly, we tend to perform our engagements much more efficiently than many firms since we are already familiar with many of the particulars of your industry. This obviously cuts down on both the time and cost of the engagement.

Audit Services

We provide audit services primarily to governmental agencies/districts and nonprofit organizations. Within the government spectrum, we provide these services to state agencies and local governments (i.e. school districts/charter schools, cities, counties, urban renewal agencies, and various special districts). When required, these audits are also performed in accordance with Government Auditing Standards. Some may also require an additional Uniform Guidance single audit.

Tax Services

We perform income tax preparation and planning services for businesses, estates, trusts, exempt organizations (i.e. nonprofits – those needing to file Form 990s), and individuals. We work for you and know that in most circumstances, our expertise and tax planning can pay for itself many times over.
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