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Audit Process

What is our audit process, and how does it differ from other firms?

  • Required audit procedures and professional standards. We ensure we are compliant and up-to-date with these by using a world-class audit documentation software and research library.​ All firms should be doing this as a bare minimum, but this is the extent of service an average firm might provide.

  • Innovative virtual audit process that results in highly effective and efficient audits. We took a bold step several years ago and invested heavily in re-engineering the audit data gathering and communication process. With so many clients working from home and having unpredictable schedules, it was clear that a better solution was needed for today's evolving workplace. The result of that work is our highly developed virtual audit process which leverages the strengths of multiple leading-edge communication, data gathering, and document-sharing software. The process yielded several unexpected benefits including more effective audits (as more computer-aided auditing techniques can be applied using algorithms, macros, and analytics since all data is electronic now), increased timeliness on audit completion, and better flexibility for the clients. Our virtual audit process is unique to our firm, and the feedback we get from our clients clearly indicates they appreciate the professional, timely, and flexible aspects of this process.

  • Old-fashioned business values. We strongly believe in providing old-fashioned business values, so much that our firm name Quest is an acronym for these values "quality, expertise, service, and timeliness." We believe your audit should be completed with excellence and to the highest quality standards. We also believe you should get to work with an expert in your respective industry, which is why we specialize. Furthermore, service should be performed in a responsive, helpful manner by someone who still knows how to pick up the telephone and respond to emails promptly. Lastly, we believe your audits should be completed in a timely manner since late audits/financial information provide little value.

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