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Audit Services

We provide audit services to schools and government entities which include audits performed in accordance with Government Auditing Standards and those needing Uniform Guidance single audits. These industries – school districts and charter schools, cities, counties, and special districts – are our specialty, where you can expect us to have unmatched experience. Click here to view our most recent peer review report.

Special Services

We also provide special services on an as-needed basis. These services are often needed quickly to address an emerging situation. Other times, they are used to fulfill the requests of financial institutions or other third parties.

Specialization Benefits?

While specialization is namesake in some professions, the audit industry has struggled to embrace specialization and share in its benefits. After two decades of time and investment, we now are true specialists in our select industries (i.e. schools and governments) which allows us to devote all our time and resources to them. This has built a level of expertise similar to that seen in the medical profession where doctors specialize in different medical conditions and procedures. In the auditing world, we have become the specialists for school and government audits, which provides the following benefits for you:

  • More Effective Audits – You get to work with someone that understands your finances, the industry accounting rules, and ultimately, just knows what they are doing. This saves time, ensures you don't have to "train the auditor," and is really how an audit should work.

  • More Efficient Audits – Your audit gets performed much more efficiently than by the average firm since we are already familiar with many of the particulars of your industry and how the funding works.

  • Win-Win - These factors result in a more effective audit while reducing time and cost, which results in a win-win for you.

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